Tuesday 9 February 2016

Recommended aids to help with post-op recovery

1) Breg Kodiak Cold Therapy + Ankle / Foot Attachment / Game Ready / Ossur

2) Walking Aids - Crutches / Knee Scooter / iWalk 2.0

Knee Scooter
iWalk 2.0

3) Shower Aids

Cast Cover
Shower Bench

4) Vitamin D drops - 2000 IU / day + Vitamin C + Arnica

Vitamin D Drops
Vitamin C

5) Aspirin

If you do not have a contraindication for taking aspirin.  I would recommend you take an Aspirin 81 mg / day for each day that you are in the cast.

6) Foam Bed Wedge to elevate feet

Bed Wedge

7) Advanced healing waterproof band-aids


Band Aids

8) Diet.  Make sure you are eating a good well balanced diet with adequate amounts of protein and fruits + vegetables.  No junk food.  No fast food.  No sugar. No smoking. 1-2 eggs per day.

9) ASO Ankle brace

ASO Ankle Brace

10) Long Cast Boot

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