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Ankle Instability - Dr. Christopher Lu

Ankle Instability is a common problem affecting both athletes and non-athletes a like. Most patient's have had an ankle sprain, the problem arises when you do not get better after a simple sprain. With a simple sprain you are usually able to get better after 3 to 6 months.  However, if you do not get better during this initial time frame, you might want to see your Family Physician and have your ankle examined.  Initial management consists of physiotherapy with ROM, proprioception and strengthening exercises.

If you have persistent anterior ankle pain, difficulty with uneven ground and a sensation of your ankle giving way, you might benefit from an x-ray of your ankle, followed by an MRI.  Specifically we are looking for an injury to the talar surface or ATFL (anteriortalofibular ligament - the main stabilizer of the ankle).  It should be noted that some patient's have a normal MRI, but still have instability symptoms.  These patient's also benefit from a tensioning procedure.

I have a sub-speciality interest in Ankle Instability surgery and have created a regional centre of excellence for the treatment of Ankle Instability.  If you happen to live in Canada simply have your Family Physician / Sports Medicine Physician / Orthopaedic Surgeon fax a referral to our office.  International patients are asked to contact our office for further information / pre-clearance.

Surgery is performed at Georgetown Hospital - which is located 30 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport.  Ankle instability procedures are routinely performed as a day surgery procedure.  We routinely use a local anaesthetic block and sedation as our mode of anaesthetic.

Preferred work up for patients would be: Ankle X-ray (AP, Lateral, Mortise) + Ankle MRI.

If you have any of these injuries and are interested in reconstructive surgery please have your Family Physician / Sports Medicine Physician / Orthopaedic Surgeon refer you to:

Dr. Christopher Lu MBchB FRCSC
Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) - McMaster University
Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon
Unit 200 - 1A Princess Anne Drive
Georgetown, Ontario
L7G 4W4

Phone: 905-873-8883

Fax: 289-801-2239

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E-consult available via Champlain LHIN / Mississauga Halton LHIN E-consult service (family physician needs to be registered with E-consult service)


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